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Surprise Stack

Collect the gifts and don't wake up Mr. Slumberton!

Surprise Stack is a holiday-themed physics puzzle. Your goal is to deconstruct various stacks of surprises by removing gifts one by one without waking up the sleeping dog. But beware, some gifts might contain some wacky surprises...


  • Use left mouse button to collect gifts.
  • Right click + drag to move the camera.
  • Top left shows target amount of gifts.

Mental support:

  • Kenney "Asset Jesus" Vleugels

If you had fun playing the game, let me know on Twitter @KayLousberg

Happy Holidays

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorKay Lousberg
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Christmas, Physics
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button, Textless
LinksTwitter, Homepage


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Surprise Stack (1.2a) 57 MB


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Hi there, thank you for creating this game. I like it :)

Hey, just wanted to know about how long this game is?

What a funny little game you got there, we enjoy it a lot.

Que jueguito tan gracioso, lo disfrutamos un montón.

This is a really cute and fun game to play when you need to pass time 10/10


Gameplay - 00:42:03

1st Thoughts - 00:51:31

Final Thoughts - 1:07:58

[Chapters all included in the video!
Amazing physics game that reminds me of old flash games like Super Stacker or Red Remover! Cozy and addicting, I played the whole thing without stopping. Thanks for the amazing game and have a Happy Holiday!


Fun, silly cute game for Christmas :)


I was looking for a Christmas themed game to play and this was absolutely perfect. This game is so cute and fun, I love it!

Despite the game being a year old it is still super fun to play around Christmas time! I love the mechanic of presents having different effects and potentially cheesing your way through a level :') 

I know this has been out for quite a while, but I absolutely love playing this game on xmas!


Awesome game! Love the movement and controls (great choice having the distance from object be on an orbiting rail) and overall BGM and SE were stellar (sometimes when retrying levels too quickly the sound got a bit overwhelming, but overall terrific!). 

I initially downloaded because the cute little puppy caught my attention. Started playing and honestly it's a lovely game - the multiple present types kept the game fresh, and it never overstayed its welcome. With some polish and a fresh coat of paint, I could see this as a more developed, paid product. But as is, Surprise stack is most definitely worth a download. Recommend!


Omg, loved it! Happy this was my last video upload of 2019! SO cute and fun!


Thanks for making this! I really struggle to find stuff that appeals to me for Christmas games but this was great! :) 


We played 4 different Christmas games from Itch.io and this one was definitely our favorite. Very fun and inventive! I only wish there were more levels!!

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I was like "Oh, I finished early, maybe I'll squeeze another game in!" Then I said, "Oh, there's no way I can do this whole thing, it'll take too long!" And then I did it, anyway. Surprise Stack and Mr. Slumberton are my Christmas picks of 2019.

Stack starts at 15:19.


This game is wonderful! I had a lot of fun playing through the levels and trying to figure out how to disassemble the stack without waking up the dog. It took me a few tries on some levels, but I managed to get through the entire game and finished it. It is very colorful and the music was great to listen to when playing the game. 20 /10! 

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Hi, I liked this game : 

hello, generic youtuber #126 here to turn in my video. jokes aside, this game was masterfully done. top-notch presentation and fun gameplay. the worst part about this game is that it ended. excellent work, kudos!


This game is cute, simple to understand and fun, not much else you can ask for from a holiday themed game. Good job devs.


Don't wake the sleeping puppy! This game was actually REALLY good fun! Merry Christmas everyone! x


Fun game.  The graphics are cute, the objective is cute, and the music is Christmassy.  A good all around game for the season.  Had fun playing, and would play again, good work


Is it possible to export this to linux? I’d like to try out this game :D


I almost beat the game... I realized that after I had a hard time around lvl18 or so?


Fun game w/ 24 puzzles of varying difficulty. Was a fun 30 min game and I hope to see either more of this or some new games from this dev! nicely done! 8/10 most def


This game is gorgeous and fits the holiday theme very well. Took me a few tries but I made it to level 12. Love the challenge each level and present has and the graphics are super cute. <3


I see a  little sillouto of a shweebe!

OhMaiGaw!! OwO

XD how is!


I've made a gameplay video. I like it very much. Hope you like. Merry christmas.

Awesome! Thanks for playing my game, glad to hear you like it. Merry Christmas to you too :)

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Nice game though i had a lot of fun playing it :D 

Thanks for playing, hope you had a good time :D

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It's short, it's simple yet challenging, and it's festive fun for the season. Overall, Surprise Stack is a good time.

Good job, dev.

Cool video :) Thanks for playing


One of the most pleasant surprises of the month, awesome work. Adorable and fun. :)


Thanks for checking out my game and making a video! Great watch

Glad you like the video. :) 


Super cute and addicting gameplay :) well done!

Thanks :) Hope you had fun

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very fun game :D

Thanks for playing Surprise Stack! :)